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Mulligan’s removals is a very highly passionate family run business serving Warwickshire. I am very proud and passionate about this company even naming it after my family name. I am always working hard to make this company better for my customers by putting them first.

Only with all the help and support from my family the company is where it is now. Over the past few years since I opened mulligan’s removals it has been a struggle starting up a business from nothing and not asking for help from a bank just by investing the profits back into the business. And even when I thought the business was getting somewhere we then had to close down because of Covid.

Only with all the support from my family I managed to pull through. Even my workers staying with me giving their loyalty to the company. I make them feel like family too so I know when they are doing your removals they will give you 100%.

We all work as a team. I am always making sure your removals goes as well as it can going that extra mile for all of my customers no matter how big or small the job is as everybody is feeling the pinch at the moment with interest rates rising and the cost of living is at its worse so I know everyone wants to save money and stick to a budget. so before you go elsewhere just remember your in good hand when you have booked your removals with Mulligans.

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